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With James "Alex" Alexander

with James "Alex" Alexander


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Blog 183: Singapore

Business Trip to Singapore
Work took me to Singapore, a city/state I had not visited in many years. My sessions included lots of smart, fun people from Singapore, Australia, China, Japan, and India. (I may have forgotten a country or two.)

Singapore has lots of things going for it: safe, clean, prosperous, polite people, rain forests, easy to navigate, just about everyone speaks English, good food, and all the taxi drivers are required by law to be Singaporeans! It is a tad far, however: one-plus hour from Ft. Myers to Atlanta, 13 hours to Tokyo, and six more to Singapore. With layovers, a good 24 hours.

Flight Attendant

Just 12 More Hours

I stayed at a very nice hotel, the Marina Mandarin, very close to the water.

My Hotel

Night Photos
Interesting structures, color, lights, and water make for some fun photos at night. Here are a couple shots taken in the Supertree Grove, atop the Marina Bay Sands, and a ground-level shot at the bay.

Night Photo 1

Night Photo 2

Night Photo 3

Night Photo 4

Jurong Bird Park
I visited a really cool bird park with a variety of birds from across Asia.

Bird Park 1

Bird Park 2

Bird Park 3
Bird Park 4

Bird Park 5

Bird Park 6

Bird Park 7

Bird Park 8

Bird Park 9

Bird Park 10

Great trip, but glad to be back. See you next week!