Motoring Across America

With James "Alex" Alexander

with James "Alex" Alexander


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Blog 182: Beware of Junkyard Dogs

The Junkyard Dog
You think shooting old trucks is easy? Not so much! For example, this past week we wheeled into an auto repair shop/junkyard. I found the remains of an old truck (see below under “Old Trucks”), and then headed back into the property. I focused on two good-looking trucks of vintage, but when I looked down, I was greeted by a tall, muscular, 80-plus-pound pit bull three feet away. She gazed at me with the natural confidence of an accomplished athlete.

She nonverbally communicated that she was in total control, I was not, and that I should turn around and leave…which is exactly what I did. I slowly pivoted and gingerly walked back to the car trying to minimize movement while maximizing momentum. I opened the door, sliding into the passenger seat with a sigh of accomplishment. I then took this photo of the guardian before vacating the premises.

Junkyard Dog

This and That
Here is a shot of a cat with presents on the porch of a cracker house, a Sandhill Crane from our walks, and one of Jessie, our pup cousin.

Cat and Presents

Sandhill Crane


Old Signs
Here are two old signs shot in Florida.

Old Sign #1

Old Sign #2

Old Trucks
Here are three old trucks from Florida.

Old Truck #1

Old Truck #2

Old Truck #3

2013 Alexanders Holiday Video
Got 2:01 minutes? Check out this fun video (well…I think it is fun).

See you next week.