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With James "Alex" Alexander

with James "Alex" Alexander


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Blog 215: 7th Best Green Chili Cheeseburger

Our last morning in Taos found a chill in the air and snow in the mountains.

Snowy Taos Morning

From Taos we traveled south and west 30 some miles to a historic spa.

Ojo Caliente
We had learned about Ojo Caliente from some people in Taos and we are thankful for the information. This classy spa has traditional hot springs pools plus world-class massage and a lengthy menu of treatments. In addition, the spa had an RV park right on the grounds.

Ojo Caliente Sign

Strongly recommended if you are in the Taos/Santa Fe area. Here is a pic of an old structure on the property.

Ojo Caliente Structure

Santa Fe
From there we drove down to the wonderful city of Santa Fe and spent a couple of days.

Bosque del Apache
After Santa Fe we drove south through Albuquerque, past Socorro, over east to San Antonio, and then south a few miles to the Bosque Bird Watchers RV Park. Our campground was just four miles north of Bosque del Apache, a national wildlife refuge that is known for 12,000-plus Sandhill Cranes, 50,000 Snowy Geese, and over 150,000 ducks that stop there from November through January.

We were there early in the season, but the refuge already had over 2,000 Sandhill Cranes and 50,000 Snowy Geese. Every morning we would be out 30 minutes before dawn awaiting “blast off” when the birds, answering some signal from nature, launch into flight with an (almost) deafening honking and chattering. Every evening, 30 minutes before sunset, we would be waiting for their return to roost. Just amazing.

Snow Geese

Rare White Sandhill Crane and Mate

Home to Roost

Cranes at Dusk

7th Best Green Chili Cheeseburger
The tiny town of San Antonio (New Mexico) has two restaurants nationally ranked by expert foodies and the Food Channel. We had lunch at the Buckhorn Tavern and, of course, sampled, digested, and confirmed that we agreed with the verdict that the Green Chili Cheeseburger was outstanding and even better with an Isotopes beer.

Green Chili Cheeseburger

More Pups
Here are four more pup pics from the Denver bark park.

Pup 1

Pup 2

Pup 3

Pups 4

Old Signs
Here are two old signs.

Old Sign 1

Old Sign 2

Old Trucks
Here are four old trucks.

Old Truck 1

Old Truck 2

Old Truck 3

Old Truck 4

See you next week.

Blog 152: Old and Rusty

On to Breckinridge
From Highline Lake State Park, we rambled down to I-70 and headed east on one of the most picturesque interstates in the entire country. We arrived with snow-topped mountains surrounding us as we camped at 9,100 feet and 34 degrees.

Colorado Trail Hike
Adjoining the campground is a segment of the Colorado Trail, so at dawn one morning I hiked the steep trail for a two-hour round trip.

Return to Denver
Monday it was back to Denver, where we set up camp at Cherry Creek Park.

Quick Trip to Chicago
Tuesday morning I flew to Chicago where I spent most of the week working with a good client.

Jan’s Old Signs
Here are two old signs that Jan selected and I shot.

Old Sign #1

Old Sign #2

Slug Bug
While hunting old trucks we ran across this old VW bug.

Old VW Bug

Old Trucks
Here are five old trucks with both rust and style.

Old Truck #1

Old Truck #2

Old Truck #3

Old Truck #4

Old Truck #5

See you next week.

Blog 135: Hot Dogs and Potatoes

Hot Dogs and Potatoes
A favorite meal of Jan’s when she was a little tyke was hot dogs and potatoes. Over the years she has transformed this simple meal into a culinary experience. It is a dinner I look forward to. Jan does not make this meal for just anyone--only true foodies with a sophisticated tongue, sensitive palate, and a sense of daring. We had six such people over the other night to try this exotic dish.

Hot Dogs and Potatoes

Are You Sure This Was Served at the Whitehouse?

The Great Automobile Race of 1908
Our neighbor and friend’s great grandfather was the captain of the winning crew that first made the trip from New York City to Paris via automobile in 1908. In a solo act, our neighbor brought this phenomenal journey to life as he played his grandfather on stage, recounting this amazing journey. Just remarkable.

The Great Auto Race Presentation

Jeff Mahl

A Captivated Audience

Let Me See...

As a fundraiser, the Calusa Land Trust ( sponsored the auto race act along with an antique car show. Here are a few shots of cool old cars.

Vintage Car #1

Vintage Car #2

Vintage Car #3

Vintage Car #4

Vintage Car #5

Happy Spectators

Around the Island
Here are a few random shots from around the Island this week.

Wine on Post


I  Just Hate It When...

Old Trucks
Here are two old trucks also from the antique car show.

Old Truck #1

Old Truck #2

See you next week.