Rearview Mirror - Summary of the past week: Go West, Young Man
Pups Across America! - Father’s Day Pup Shoot in Carlsbad, CA
Favorite Photograph - The Rookie
Camper’s Corner - Thoughts on were we stayed and other RV topics: Jumbo Rocks Campground, Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Tree, CA
Headlights - Our schedule as to where we will be heading: California Coasting

Start: Jumbo Rocks Campground, Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Tree, CA
Stop: Waters Edge Campground, Escondido, CA
Stop: Paradise By The Sea RV Park, Oceanside, CA

Early Morning Hike
At sunrise I took the Skull trail hike, walking from the campground to this prominent point and then back returning in a circle out among the boulders. After breakfast we took a car tour--first over to Key’s View to take a look at the San Andreas fault, then back to Barker Dam where we took an hour hike to first view the hieroglyphs and then walk down to the old dam. We drove through Hidden Valley, the place purportedly often populated with cattle rustlers in the last century. We took the road down to Keys Ranch, however, the gate was closed so no tours were going on (it is the off-season at the park. We ended our morning tour taking the dirt road dubbed Geology Trail.

Desert View Rock Tired

On to Town
Since there was no Verizon or AT&T signal, we drove to the town of 29 Palms (no, I don’t know how it got its name). Our plan was to catch up on communication while having lunch. While Jan counted nine tattoo parlors on the main road, all we saw was MacDonalds, Denny’s, and other fast-food looking establishments. When we spotted a beat-up building with a sign touting Mexican food and cold beer, we pulled in. Turns out they had no food, but since we were there I sat down and did work for an hour while Jan went out for groceries and cash.

When we got back to the coach we grilled steaks and enjoyed the almost-perfect weather. We capped the day with a nice drive to the west end of the park and back.

Smoggy San Andreas Fault Baby Desert Flowers

Instead of taking a dawn hike, I decided to be a slacker. I made coffee, then sat in bed catching up on this blog and planning the day. At 7:15 I drove to 29 Palms for three phone calls and got some work done on the computer.

Early afternoon we packed up and drove through the west end of the park to Joshua Tree (the town). There we got onto Highway 62 and headed west through Yucca Valley and Morongo Bay. We got onto I-10 West the on to 60 West. Past Moreno Valley we took I-215 South to I-15 South down to a campground just outside of Escondido.

Joshua Tree Bird on Joshua Tree

In the Element we drove the 20 minutes into Carlsbad where we met our host for the photo shoot, scoped out the shoot site, and I got a much-needed haircut. Carlsbad is a gorgeous community with flowers blooming everywhere.

We moved our motorcoach, BALY, to a manicured RV park in Oceanside, a very short walk away to the ocean. We got settled in then walked the Pups down to the big water, eating outside at a hamburger joint on the Pacific Ocean. Late afternoon (after a couple games of Gin Rummy) we pampered ourselves lounging in the camp’s jacuzzi.

Jan and I took a wonderful walk along the beach to start the day. After that, though, it was pretty boring: I spent most of the day doing consulting work. A photographer colleague of mine lives a short distance north of where we are staying, and he drove down and we talked shop for a couple of hours. Once again in the late afternoon it was back to the whirlpool.

We took the Pups out early. Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach (they let kids on the beach :’<<<), but we walked them on a hill that overlooked the breaking waves.

Once again not much of interest to report as I spent most of the day working on consulting projects.

Spent the day preparing, shooting, and editing pup pics. We did stop, however, by the Farmer’s Market for some great vegetables, flowers, and fresh fish. That evening our new friend Frankie came over (bringing a wonderful bottle of an ‘07 Cabernet from Napa Valley--Parallel). We feasted on grilled ribeyes, caught-this-morning sea bass, corn on the cob, and fresh asparagus.

We had a pup photography shoot in Carlsbad. Met some cool pups and some great pup parents. Lots of work but lot of fun.

Lacy Belle Serious Kids

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My favorite is the shot of Rookie.


Jumbo Rocks Campground in Joshua Tree National Park near Joshua Tree, California, is a great place to camp, especially if you are self-contained like we are. Adequate size for big rigs and all sites are nestled in the boulders. Neat, clean, and they recycle. Highly recommended.

Jumbo Rocks

June 20 thru 22
Paradise By The Sea RV Park, Oceanside, CA
This is a great area.

June 23 thru 27?
LA area to visit friends.

June 28 onward
Heading up the Pacific Coast.

Going to be near? Look us up. Have some suggestions concerning places to see? We are open.