Rearview Mirror - Summary of the past week: Central Oregon is cool and hot
Pups Across America! -Waiting Jerry”
Favorite Photograph - “Rooftop Sunrise”
Camper’s Corner - Mt. Hood Village RV Resort, Welches, OR
Headlights - Our schedule as to where we will be heading: East and North

Start: Mt. Hood Village RV Resort, Welches, OR
Stop: FMCA Conference at Deschutes County Fairgrounds, Redmond, OR

Columbia River Gorge
Today we drove the other portion of the Infinity Loop that I mentioned Saturday in last week’s blog update. We drove west on 26 through Sandy and Gresham, and then took back roads north to Troutdale. Here we picked up I-84 East, and after five miles turned off at Corbett on Historic Highway 30. Soon we stopped at the Women’s Forum Overlook and admired the view of the Columbia River.

Women's Forum View

5 Mountain View...Not!
Next we drove up Larch Mountain Road for 14 miles to hopefully see the “Incredible 5 Mountain View” of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Jefferson. At each mile marker the fog got denser, so by the time we had parked at the summit and walked the 87 steps to the very peak, all we could see was each other. A little disappointing, but the Pups enjoyed the short walk.

5 Mountain View Steps to Larch Mt

After returning down Larch Mountain Road, we again picked up Highway 30 East. In just a mile we stopped at the Crown Point Vista House (this is some cool building) for more views of the gorge and the river. Two-and-half miles more and we parked, and then walked down to the base of Latourell Falls—pretty waterfall in a gorgeous setting. A couple miles more and we were hiking the short mile down to Bridal Veil Falls, a trek well worth the effort. Of course I was taking pictures of the action. We stopped at Wahkeena Falls next, and then it was on to Multnomah Falls, the most photographed site in all of Oregon. Being noonish on a Sunday in near perfect weather, the place was packed. So instead of waiting for a parking spot, we crawled along and took some pics as we passed in front of this impressive hunk of flowing water.

Latourell Falls Crown Pt Jan Crown Pt Jan #2

Hood River
We were only about 30 miles from Hood River, so we decided to continue heading east on I-84 and have lunch there for the second day in a row. After lunch we picked up 35 South, drove by Odell and Mt. Hood, and then picked up 26 West for our return back home.

Marketing Call
Along with our normal business updates and discussions, Suzanne and David seemed to take great pleasure in teasing me about my hiking “directional misfortune” that I outlined in last week’s blog. David even had the audacity to suggest that I carry a loaf of bread every time I go out in the woods! Oh, the suffering of full disclosure. :’>>>

Mirror Lake Hike
After working until early afternoon, Jan and I drove ten miles to the Mirror Lake Trailhead right on Highway 26. Although a weekday, the trailhead parking lot was full, and we were fortunate to get the last space. We walked up and up, finally reaching the path that goes around the lake. We were rewarded with a lake vista with Mt. Hood looming in the background. Again, wonderful weather and we thoroughly enjoyed this 3.6-mile round trip.

Alex at Mirror Lake Mt Hood Mirror Lake Couple

Heading South
East on 26, through the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, through the town of Madras, we rolled along in the morning sunlight. Off to our right were the Cascade Mountains as we made our way down to Madras. Here we picked up 97 South on down to Redmond, completing our 106-mile trek at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds.

FMCA Convention
Our reason for going to Redmond was to attend FMCA’s (Family Motor Coach Association) 84th Annual Convention. Our goal was to learn more about a variety of topics related to motorcoaching. Since this was a national convention, I anticipated it would be big—maybe a couple hundred coaches or more in attendance. Man, was I surprised! Soon we were in a mile-long line of coaches waiting to be directed as to where to park. Later we found out there were two thousand coaches represented.

New Friends
As we were setting up, we met our neighbors, Gary and Kathie and their pup, Madeline. We had the chance to talk and socialize with our new friends throughout the convention. They live in the Portland area, are also boaters, and fun folks to be around.

Back to School
Walking to the sessions with clipboard, paper, and pen in hand felt a little like going back to school. Over the course of the convention, I attended sessions varying from Caterpillar engine maintenance, to the latest in RV satellite technology, to dry camping tips, to what it takes to go full-time. Jan also learned about RVing Atlantic Canada.

Parade of Homes
Also throughout the conference we had the chance to tour all types of coaches on display from the manufacturers. It was great to see the variety of floor plans, appliances, electronics, and so on. Got some great ideas on remodeling for the future.

Rooftop Sunrise
Before dawn I set up my camera gear and then climbed up to the top of our motorcoach. It was chilly, but I wanted to attempt at least one sunrise photo, and this seemed the only place in which to do it. I got one shot I liked of the sunrise and one of the glow of a mountain in the distance.

FMCA Roof Sunrise

Road Trip
After a morning of classroom, touring the exhibit hall, and kicking tires, we decided to leave the fairgrounds and take a ride. Plus, the Kids were acting bored and needed to get out. We just rode around Redmond for a while, checking out downtown, cruising through a few neighborhoods before getting some provisions and heading back to camp.

FMCA Roof Mt View

Navigational Planning
It was getting time to start planning the next leg or two of our journey, so I pulled out the maps (paper and electronic) and looked at our options. One big consideration was that things were heating up in central Oregon and lots of other areas in the West. So after an hour or so of pondering, my general plan was after the conference to head east to Idaho, and then keep going that way or veer to the north into Montana. We shall see....

Pup Trail
Since the Little Ones didn’t like the gravel we were parked on, I quit trying to coax them to do what they didn’t want to do and loaded them in the car to find a place more to their liking. I found a good spot a couple miles away, and we all had a good walk.

Jan in Woods Squirrel

More Conference
Back at the fairgrounds, we took in a couple more seminars and toured a coach we both really liked. Yikes!

Road Trip
Mid-afternoon we loaded up the Little Ones and drove down to Bend, and then on to the quaint town of Sisters—mountain background, great scenery, very nice tour.

Early evening a spur-of-the-moment potluck was assembled with our neighbors, and we feasted on pasta and meatloaf.

This was the last day of the convention and things were slowly winding down. We took in two last seminars and did a last walk through the exhibits, buying a few “must-have” items. Mid-afternoon we drove in the Element east to the town of Prineville enjoying the view of the valley, fast-moving streams, and an old-fashioned village.

Wonderful week.

Check out this pic of “Waiting Jerry.”

Waiting Jerry

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My favorite this week is “Rooftop Sunrise,” above.

CAMPER’S CORNER: Mt. Hood Village RV Resort, Welches, OR
What I really like about this resort is its location—perfect to explore the Mt. Hood area for car trips, and adjoining BLM land and its trail are a very short walk. In addition, the sites are shaded with full hook-ups. Good place to base out of to explore this beautiful area.

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