Low Key Tiki Benefit (Sunday)
As a mentioned a couple blog posts ago, an arsonist burned down the Low Key Tiki, here on Pine Island. Many of the local establishments and local bands pitched in free food, drink, and help, and great music. Lots of money was raised to support the Low Key wait staff that are now all out of jobs. Gotta love this Island. I’ve included a few pics of that event.

_MG_1935 _MG_1870
_MG_1882 _MG_1888

Flying Dolphin (Thursday)
Jan and I took Mitzy and Jerry out on the boat late afternoon hunting for dolphin (Jerry stands on the bow and when he spots one, he barks to get him to follow our wake). It was a beautiful afternoon and we did see a few dolphins, but they appeared to be too busy eating fish to follow us along. We were heading back home when Jan shouted, “Look to 10:00!” There was a solitary dolphin leaping out of the water one time after another. As we motored over I was sure he/she would be done having fun by the time we got close, but I was sure wrong. For the next 15 minutes we watched him make at least 30 more jumps. I was able to get a few nice shots. What a treat.


Soccer and Lacrosse (Saturday)
Jan and I took the Kids up to Apopka to see Auntie and her family. Here are a few shots of Kami’s soccer and Haley’s lacrosse. While waiting for the lacrosse game to start, I spotted a hawk across the road and took this photo.

_MG_2872 _MG_2967
_MG_3118 _MG_3098

Pups Across America
Here is a shot of an eight-week-old miniature schnauzer named James. What a cutey.


I had to include a shot each of Mitzy and Jerry—if they read this and they aren’t in it, there is the devil to pay!

_MG_2222 _MG_2220

Painterly Pups
As promised, here is my next installment of a past picture I’ve taken and “painted.” This week I chose that loveable puppy, Jackson.

Photo Artista

Come back next week for some more pup pics.