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Start: Cherry Creek State Park, CO
Stop: Cherry Creek State Park, CO

Wonderful Walk
After working on this blog in the pre-dawn quiet, Little Mitzy came out and told me it was time to go outside. Yikes, it was only 28 degrees! Wearing a long sleeve shirt, ball cap, windbreaker with the hood over my head, the Little Ones and I walked out into the crisp, dawn. This park has paved bike paths all over and we took one at random, winding our way northeast. A heavy cover of dark bluish-black clouds covered the sky except for a ring around the horizon allowing the new Sun to illuminate the chain of Rocky Mountains to the West. The heavy snow on the peaks shone as is every watt of power in Colorado was charging and funneling the glittering light. About 10 minutes into the walk we entered into a surreal setting: standing still, as if positioned by a movie director, was a herd of 20 or so mule deer. Ears erect, all looking at us eye-to-eye, their tannish color blended in with the brownish hues of the grass weeds, and soil around them. Although only 20 feet away, they showed no sign of fear, just a kind of mild curiosity. Furthermore, the Pups paid them no mind at all, appearing more interested in pulling on their leashes and forging ahead like the sled dogs they often mimic. Alas, it was too dark for a sharp photo with my point and shoot, so I tried to meld the scene into my mind for future personal reflection. Just a wonderful walk, one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Work in the morning culminating with my noon marketing call where we schemed to sell more books, training, and consulting. In the afternoon we picked up Austin from the sitters and brought him back to the campground where we took short walks, made a campfire, colored, and watched TV.

Spent the day in camp working with a few pup walks interspersed.

This was a work travel day. Jan drove me the 30 minutes to the airport and the rest of the day involved my friends from Delta, Ace Cab, and Hilton as I flew from Denver International to Minneapolis.

I spent the day with a client who was interested in taking his services organization to the next level of performance. I interviewed key players, shared best practices, and made recommendations as to opportunities for improvement. Great group of people. After a full day it was back to the airports. I was met at the Denver airport that night by Jan and two excited Little Ones who acted as if I was returning from years being away. Wagging tails, wiggling butts, and wet noses--what a way to be greeted!

We moved BALY a couple hundred feet to a different camp site and I had an hour telephone training session on the use of Facebook and Twitter--yikes! Mid-afternoon we picked up Austin and hung with him at camp.

Road Trip
Since we’d have to leave our current campground soon (21-day limit in the Colorado State Park system), we decided to check out a private campground up past Golden. The Little Ones stayed in the car while Jan, Austie, and I walked the different sites of this wooded campgrounds. We found one with not only a good view and privacy, but an adequate cell phone signal, so we signed up for a two-week stay.

Party Prep
After a stop for ice cream and Campers World (actually we needed a few supplies but the Little Man found the Hagen Daz cooler :>>), we drove Austin home. Here I left Jan as she helped Aaron and Kelly prepare for the upcoming bash. While I was driving back to camp, I could envision what was happening in the Helman’s backyard. A vision of days past popped into my head--the carnies rolling into Titonka, Iowa, in preparation for the yearly Indian Days celebration. In my mind I saw an old rusty Ford truck backing into the driveway, with a couple of worldly/seasoned/crusty/middle-aged men getting out and shlepping cable and chains, boxes and contraptions into the short-time midway.

Show Time
I arrived back to the scene of Austin’s birthday party to see the final preparations put in place. Soon little people aged one to five came along with their Moms and Pops in tow. The Mickey Mouse Bounce House acted as a magnet as the kids ran from the back door to the attraction tearing off their shoes at the urging of their parents then scooting up the entrance. When tired, they could partake in various games including driving Austin’s new battery-powered Jeep, sand-box fun, making original paintings via the painting machine, and a ring-toss/drop kind-of-game. Grandma Jan was a whiz at making the cotton candy and it was a big hit. To refuel there was hot dogs, french fries, fruit sticks, sodas, deviled crab eggs, Mickey Mouse pizza, other stuff, and of course ice-cream birthday cake. Of course I took pictures and experimented taking some video clips which you will eventually see if you like.

Big ending to a big week.

We will be in the Denver area until May 27 and available for private pup shoots.

Please e-mail me at alex@PupsAcrossAmerica or call me at 239-671-0740 to set up a shoot, or if you have ideas or suggestions.

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Not this week

I had lots of fun this week taking shots, but I’ve included a favorite of mine of Pelé.

Nothing this week.

If you are an RV’er, you can get a lot of good ideas from the RV Navigator. I subscribe to their monthly audio podcast through iTunes and enjoy it a lot. Check them out at www.rvnavigator.com

We will be in the Denver area till May 27. More specifics next week.

Going to be near? Look us up. Have some suggestions? We are open. Know a Pup Parent in the vicinity? Pass on this Web site and have them give me a call to schedule a shooting of their best friend.